Give yourself spa treatment at home

Give yourself spa treatment at home

Planning a spa treatment at the comfort of your home is a fabulous way to relax and unwind. Here’s what you need to do to organise one

Gather all your ingredients
If you want a top notch spa treatment at home, gather all your spa ingredients. Put together some relaxing music, robe, candles, aromatherapy oils, headband and facial/body masks and other beauty products infused with cucumber and fruits for a relaxing time.

Set the mood
Setting the mood for a spa treatment at home is extremely important. Create a tranquil atmosphere by lighting scented candles and dimming the lights. You can also adjust the room temperature by cooling the room before you slide into the bed. Don your robe and headband before you begin with the treatment and put on some soothing soulful music.

Wash up
Before you begin with the treatment, make sure you do not forget to exfoliate and cleanse your skin. To cleanse your body, you can choose body polishers. Use a mild cleanser to remove excess dirt and grime from your face. Exfoliate and use a heavy moisturising cream to massage your face, before you apply your face pack.

Steam your face
The next step after exfoliating and cleansing is steaming your face. Buy a small steamer or you could simply boil some water and steam your face. Steaming your face will ensure that all the dirt and dead skin cells are exfoliated from your face.

Apply a face mask
The last step to a homemade spa treatment is applying a face mask or body mask after steaming. Put on a mask and keep it for approximately half an hour before you wash it off.



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