Skin care: Myths about laser treatment

Skin care: Myths about laser treatment

Laser treatment is used to safely remove unwanted or excess hair on any part of the body thereby considerably reducing the time spent on waxing, threading and plucking of body hair. The service should always be performed by trained and certified skin practitioners under the supervision of the dermatologist and under strict hygiene standards.

We bust some popular myths related to laser treatment:

Myth 1: Laser hair reduction is harmful to health; laser affects internal organs and can damage them
The depth of laser penetration is 1-4 mm, it reaches only the hair follicles, and then is completely dissipated and does not penetrates deeper! Laser destroys only the hair bulb. The laser beam which slides on the surface of the skin does not damage it.

Myth 2: Laser hair reduction is expensive
On the contrary, laser hair reduction is a lifelong investment. Consider how much money a woman usually spends during a year to buy tools for depilation (waxing, tools, creams, foams, etc.). On an average, you will spend Rs. 3,50,000 on waxing for your entire life, spend half of that on laser hair reduction and get lifetime freedom from unwanted hair in 6-8 sessions with only 1-2 maintenance sessions in year!

Myth 3: Laser hair reduction hurts
A little pin-prick, that’s all the pain involved in this service. But this depends on individual pain barrier. For particularly sensitive parts on the body (bikini, underarms), an anaesthetic cream can be used. If your pain threshold is less, then anaesthetic cream can be applied everywhere.

Myth 4: Laser treatments expose your skin to infections
Laser treatments don’t cause infections as the skin is not cut open to expose the internal layers or veins. There is very little risk of infection as the treatment’s nature is very different.

(Data courtesy: Dr. Narmada Matang, Dermatologist Kaya Ltd)



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